Certain people do not require a WWC Check because they fit within the description of an exemption that applies to the specific category or categories of child-related work they engage in.

If a person’s work is covered by an exemption then they are not in child-related work and are ineligible to apply for a WWC Check. There are some general exemptions which apply across all categories while others are specific to a particular category. It is important to consider all the work a person does when deciding whether they are exempt and do not require a WWC Check.

Some general exemptions include:

  • work carried out on a voluntary basis by a child;
  • work carried out on an unpaid basis by a student under 18 years of age; and
  • parents volunteering in certain activities where their child is also involved or participates (unless attending an overnight activity).

For specific information about the various exemptions please read Factsheet 2: Child-Related Work and Exemptions.

Page last updated18 September 2020