Current application and renewal fees for a WWC Check are:

  • for employees and self-employed people: $87.00
  • for volunteers, unpaid people and students on unpaid placement: $11.00
  • for replacement Cards: $11.00

The fees are heavily subsidised by Government and do not reflect the full cost of the check. Where a WWC Check application or renewal is made in error, refunds are not provided unless there are exceptional circumstances. This is due to the processing and administration costs which have already incurred.

Please note that all online service transactions will appear as ‘WWC-Communities’ on your bank statement.

If this is your first application for a WWC Check or you have previously held a WWC Card which has now expired click here for information about how to apply.

 For more information about how to renew a current WWC Card click here.

What fee should a person pay if they do both volunteer and paid child-related work? 

If a person has more than one child-related role in both paid and voluntary/unpaid work, then they must apply or renew their WWC Check as a paid employee (or self-employed person) and pay the fee of $87.00. If the person is a paid employee the organisation they do paid child-related work for will confirm and sign their WWC Check application form or online renewal. 

Page last updated18 September 2020