Proactive Compliance Program 2022

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Ready, Check, GO!
WWC Checks in Sport & Recreation

The WWC Screening Unit is committed to improving the protection of children in Western Australia (WA). Our proactive compliance program identifies and targets specific areas of risk with the current focus on those who work and volunteer with children in the sport and recreation sector.

Our ‘Ready, Check, GO!’ campaign aims to:

  • raise awareness of the WWC Check to all involved in sport and recreation;
  • increase the knowledge of clubs and associations about their WWC Check legal obligations;
  • ensure individuals who are engaging in child-related work have a valid WWC Check; and
  • inform parents that people working and volunteering with children in sport and recreation clubs and associations may need a WWC Check
The WWC Check is one of many important strategies which work together to strengthen child safety in organisations, which are outlined in the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. Our child safety page has more information on child safeguarding strategies and links to other resources.

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