Application process

In most cases the application process is as simple as completing and lodging a WWC Check application form, which your employer, volunteer organisation or education provider also signs, when you are about to start child-related work. If you do not have a criminal record you will receive a WWC Card a few weeks later. In cases where information is received by the WWC Screening Unit that you have a relevant charge or conviction in your criminal record that indicates a risk to children, the process of checking and assessing your application may take longer, and in many cases, involves obtaining further information. For more information about how your criminal record is assessed click here.

Click here to see a diagram that shows the application process. The diagram is a summary and does not include all circumstances or variations of the process.

If you have a current Negative Notice you must not apply for a WWC Check or engage in child-related work. For more information about Negative Notices please click here to visit our Negative Notice page.

Working while you have a pending application

Your application receipt is proof that you have a pending application and in most cases this allows you to start or continue your child-related work. However, if you have a Class 1 offence committed when an adult or have been issued with an Interim Negative Notice or Negative Notice you may not do so. For a list of Class 1 offences click here.

Your employer, volunteer organisation or education provider will ask to see your receipt and will record it as part of their record keeping requirements. Your receipt is valid for as long as it takes for an outcome to be made.

The person nominated on your application form to receive the notices for your organisation will be notified if you are issued with a WWC Card, an Interim Negative Notice, a Negative Notice or if you withdraw your application.

To check the status of your application click here.

Page last updated06 August 2020