What am I consenting to?

When you apply for a WWC Check you give ongoing consent to the collection, use and disclosure of information about yourself (including criminal records) that is relevant to whether you should be issued with a WWC Card.

By providing ongoing consent you agree to:

  • initial checking based on your WWC Check application form; and
  • if you are issued with a WWC Card, checking on an ongoing basis until it expires.

New information received during that time relevant to the immediate safety of children (e.g. a charge or conviction for a relevant offence) may result in your eligibility to hold a WWC Card being re-assessed. You will be advised if this occurs. Please click here to see information about ongoing checking and re-assessments.

You also provide consent if you are applying to cancel a Negative Notice. Click here for more information about applying to cancel a Negative Notice and the consent you provide when you do so.

Please see the Application for a WWC Check form for the full consent declaration by clicking here.

If you are renewing your WWC Card using the online form click here for more information.

Withdrawing your consent for ongoing checking

If you have a current WWC Card and want to withdraw your consent for ongoing checking, you may only do this by:

  • stopping any paid, voluntary or unpaid child-related work, and
  • contacting the WWC Screening Unit and providing the information that is required in writing to have your WWC Card cancelled.

For information about how to withdraw if you have a current WWC Card click here.

If you do not have a current WWC Card but have a pending application and you have not been issued with an Interim Negative Notice for that application, you may withdraw your application as long as you do not engage in any child-related work and provide a written request to withdraw. Click here for more information about how to withdraw your application for a WWC Check.

Page last updated27 July 2022