Privacy and confidentiality

The WWC Screening Unit respects your privacy and is committed to protecting the information you give the Unit. Information obtained about you is strictly confidential. This information is stored securely and is used only as permitted by law.

Under the Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004 you must give the WWC Screening Unit true and correct information when applying for a WWC Check. It is also an offence to give false or misleading information for which there are penalties that apply.

More detailed information is contained in the WWC Check Privacy Policy which can be accessed here.

Why does the WWC Screening Unit need information about me?

The information you provide helps the WWC Screening Unit:

  • identify you;
  • obtain and examine information as to whether or not you have ever been charged or convicted of an offence and if so any other relevant information;
  • re-assess your eligibility to hold a WWC Card if new relevant charges occur;
  • seek further information about you; and
  • advise you of the outcome of your WWC Check, when it expires and how to renew your WWC Check.

Who has access to my information?

Your personal information is only used as permitted by law and certain information may be released in certain circumstances to the following organisations:

  • Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission;
  • WA Police, Australian Federal Police and interstate police forces;
  • government agencies;
  • courts and tribunals; and
  • regulatory bodies.

Your employer, volunteer organisation or education provider is only advised of the outcome of your WWC Check i.e. whether you have been issued with an Assessment Notice, Interim Negative Notice, Negative Notice or have withdrawn your application. Information gathered by the WWC Screening Unit is not released to them; this includes any submission received from you.

Do public authorities have access to my information?

When it is required by law or in the public interest to do so the WWC Screening Unit may advise the following public authorities of your application and the decision made:

  • Department of Communities;
  • Department of Health;
  • Department of Transport;
  • Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia; and
  • WA Police.

The WWC Screening Unit can also advise the Department of Communities of your application and the decision made where the Unit is aware that you are an approved childcare provider, a certified supervisor, nominated supervisor or a person with management control of an education and care service under the Education and Care Services National Law (Western Australia). In some particular cases information may be disclosed overseas.  

Page last updated17 February 2022