Renew my Card Online

Your WWC Card expires after three years. If you are eligible you can renew using our online renewal process. We recommend that you renew at least one month before your Card expires.

Are you eligible to renew online?

You can use the online renewal process if:

  • you are continuing to engage in child-related work;
  • your WWC Card is valid and is within three months of its expiry;
  • you have had no changes in your personal information (name, date of birth or gender) since your previous application;
  • you have registered to use the online WWC services and the online renewal form is available to you. After your initial application, you can use the online renewal process for two consecutive online renewals before you have to make another application at an authorised Australia Post outlet. Click here to register; and
  • your employer, volunteer organisation or education provider’s authorised representative has agreed to confirm your child-related work using the online renewal process.

Before you start the online renewal process:

  • register a WWC Check account or login to your account to see if the online form is available to you;
  • have your organisation's authorised representative's details (name, position title, email address, phone number and physical address). If you are an employee, volunteer or student, this is the person who is authorised to confirm your child-related work on behalf of your organisation and has agreed to accept your online renewal
  • have your Visa or MasterCard credit card or debit card available for payment, and
  • have your Western Australian driver's licence (if you have one) with you. 

How to complete a WWC Check online renewal form:

An online renewal form takes approximately five minutes to complete. You must complete the form in one session as you cannot save an incomplete form.

  1. Register to use the online renewal form or login if you are already registered. To register to renew your WWC Card online click here. Be sure to set your email spam filters to allow messages from "". If you have a hotmail account, there are factors beyond our control which may result in Microsoft blocking delivery of our emails. If you are having trouble receiving emails from us, try signing up using another email address. If you are already registered for WWC online services click here to login. After logging in, the system will either allow you to access the online renewal form, or it will advise you to re-apply by lodging an application form at an authorised Australia Post outlet. 
  2. Accurately complete and update your information in the WWC online renewal form. The online renewal form automatically lists information from your previous WWC Check application, except for your employer, volunteer organisation or education provider representative’s details, which you must supply. If your representative’s email address is known to us, their information will be automatically listed in the form after you enter their email address. 
  3. Check that all the information is correct. You can update most information in the form as required.
  4. Pay the required fee using your Visa or MasterCard credit card or debit card. When checking your bank statement this transaction description will appear as ‘WWC-Communities’.
  5. Submit your online renewal form.
  6. Save a copy of your  lodgement receipt and application. You can also email a copy of the receipt of your online renewal to provide to your organisation or clients. This receipt allows you to continue your child-related work, should your WWC Card expire before an outcome is known. Click here to check the status of your application online.

After we receive your online renewal, an email is sent to your nominated representative requesting they confirm your child-related work. Your application cannot be processed without their confirmation. Self-employed people do not require an authorised representative.

How does an authorised representative confirm an online renewal?

If you are an employee, volunteer or student, an email is sent to the authorised representative you nominate on your online renewal form. Once they confirm your online renewal, your form will be processed.

What happens if your authorised representative does not confirm your child-related work?

Your authorised representative has 21 days to confirm your child-related work. If they have not received an email about your online renewal within three working days, login and check that their email address is correct on your renewal form. Then request that your representative check that their email spam filters allow messages from

If your authorised representative is not available to confirm your child-related work, you can login and nominate another authorised representative in your organisation. This person will then receive an email from us, asking for your child-related work to be confirmed.

If your authorised representative does not confirm your child-related work, you will be contacted by us and your WWC online renewal may be withdrawn. If this occurs, you must not engage in any child-related work after your current WWC Card expires.

Page last updated09 August 2020