Assessment Notice - my WWC Card

If your application or renewal for a WWC Check is successful you will be issued with an Assessment Notice in the form of a WWC Card. You will receive your WWC Card and if you are an employee, volunteer or student your employer, volunteer organisation or education provider will receive a copy.

While holding a current WWC Card:

  • you can engage in paid and unpaid child-related work in Western Australia and the Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Islands;
  • it is valid for three years, unless cancelled sooner;
  • you can use the same WWC Card for all employment types paid, voluntary, unpaid and self-employed and it is transferable across all categories of child-related work – for example if a teacher has a WWC Card for their paid employment at a school and then volunteers to coach netball at a netball club; the WWC Card can be used for both roles;
  • you are subject to ongoing checking until your WWC Card expires or is cancelled; and
  • your eligibility to continue to hold a WWC Card may be re-assessed if new information relevant to the safety of children is received, for example, a new charge or conviction for a relevant offence.

Your responsibilities and obligations

If you are an employee, volunteer, student or self-employed person and engage in child-related work in Western Australia and the Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Islands, you have obligations to comply with the Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking ) Act 2004. There are penalties for non-compliance with these obligations. Click here to read Factsheet 10: Offences and Penalties for Employees and Volunteers, or Factsheet 12: Offences and Penalties for Students or Factsheet 14: Offences and Penalties for Self-Employed People.

How to get a replacement WWC Card if yours has been lost, stolen or damaged

If your WWC Card has been lost, stolen or damaged you can get a replacement WWC Card by:

  • registering for our online services and completing the online replacement WWC Card form. The fee for a replacement Card is $11.00, and is non-refundable. Click here to request a replacement WWC Card online.


  • contacting the WWC Screening Unit and requesting a replacement WWC Card. A letter will be sent to you to sign and present at an authorised Australia Post outlet along with the $11.00 fee. A replacement WWC Card will then be sent to you.

How to renew your WWC Card

Your WWC Card expires after three years. You must apply to renew your WWC Card before the expiry date if you wish to continue your child-related work. It is best to renew your WWC Card at least one month before its expiry (but no earlier than three months before it expires). For more information about how to renew your WWC Card please click here.

Page last updated06 August 2020