Renewing a WWC Card

A WWC Card expires after three years, unless the WWC Screening Unit or card holder cancels the WWC Card earlier. To meet your responsibilities as an employer, volunteer organisation or education provider you must ensure card holders renew their WWC Card before it expires.

There are two ways for a card holder to renew a WWC Card:

  • complete and submit an online renewal form; or
  • re-apply by completing an Application for a Working with Children Check form and the applicant lodging it at an authorised Australia Post outlet.

Renewing Online

The WWC Screening Unit has developed a new online renewal process. Card holders whose WWC Card is due to expire within three months and who are continuing to engage in child-related work may be eligible to lodge their renewal application online. You should be able to adapt your current WWC application processes to use the online renewal process.

How to manage the online renewal process

  1. Set up the process: provide your current card holders with your organisation’s correct name and address details so this information is correct in their renewal application. For this process they will also need the email address of the person who will electronically sign the online renewal form on behalf of your organisation (your authorised representative). This email account must not be a generic account for your organisation representative. Set your email spam filters to allow messages from “”. If you have a hotmail account, there are factors beyond our control which may result in Microsoft blocking delivery of emails. If you are having trouble receiving emails from us, try signing up using another email address.

  2. Register an account: After the first online renewal application is submitted, your authorised representative will receive an email from the WWC Screening Unit, which will advise them that an online renewal application has been received and provide a link for them to use. After clicking on the link, they will be required to register an account. For privacy reasons, no information about online applicants are provided in the email. This information will only be available after the registered representative logs in.

  3. Confirm child-related work:

    The registered representative logs into their account and ensures that their name, work role, email, contact telephone number and the organisation details are correct. They must also ensure that the details of where copies of notices should be sent are correct. With consent, these details will be saved on the WWC Screening Unit’s database to prefill future online renewal applications requiring the same agency representative to confirm. This means that any online renewal applications lodged after registration nominating the representative’s email address will contain the saved organisation information. The registered representative then reviews the list of online renewal applicant/s and confirms whether any are in child-related work with your organisation. If the authorised representative does not register and confirm whether the applicant is in child-related work, they will receive a weekly reminder email that an application is still awaiting confirmation. After registering the representative will receive emails for any newly submitted online renewal applications 

  4. Check the status of an application: Request a copy of the applicant’s renewal receipt. You can now check whether a WWC Check application is pending or has been finalised by entering the receipt number and the applicant’s surname. For more information see our Check WWC Application Status page.

Click here for more information and instructions about the online renewal process.

Are all card holders eligible to use the online renewal process?

Card holders can check if they are eligible to renew online after registering to use the WWC online services. To be eligible they must:

  • engage in child-related work. Click here for more information about the categories of child-related work;
  • have a valid WWC Card and be within three months of its expiry;
  • have had no changes in their personal information (name, date of birth or gender);
  • have previously applied using an Application for a Working with Children Check form and lodged it at an authorised Australia Post outlet;
  • have registered to use the online services offered by the WWC Screening Unit and are shown as eligible to renew online; and
  • have confirmed with you, as their employer, volunteer organisation or education provider that an authorised representative will confirm their child-related work using the online renewal process.

Re-applying to renew a WWC Card

Your employees, volunteers and students may also re-apply to renew their WWC Card by completing an Application for a Working with Children Check form and lodging it at an authorised Australia Post outlet. They may choose to use this process if they do not have a Visa or MasterCard credit card or debit card or if our online services cannot be accessed.

If an individual has had a change in their personal information (name, date of birth or gender) or if they are otherwise advised to be ineligible, they cannot use the online renewal process and must re-apply by completing an Application for a Working with Children Check form and lodging it at an authorised Australia Post outlet. For more information about how to complete a WWC Check application form click here.

Page last updated18 March 2019