Managing withdrawals and cancellations

There are some situations where an employee, volunteer or student may choose to withdraw their application for a WWC Check or cancel their current WWC Card.

When can a person withdraw their application for a WWC Check?

A person may withdraw their application for a WWC Check at any time before the final decision is made except where they have been issued an Interim Negative Notice for that application. Once their application has been withdrawn they cannot engage in child-related work. The WWC Screening Unit will also give written notice of the withdrawal of their application to you if you are the authorised representative on their application form.

Depending on the person’s particular circumstances, if they intend to commence child-related work in the future they may need to re-apply for a WWC Check before they start any child-related work. For this reason it is important that you record information about withdrawals.

Application fees are not refunded if a person decides to withdraw their application.

When can a person cancel their current WWC Card?

A person has the right to request the cancellation of their current WWC Card if:

If a person’s eligibility to hold a current WWC Card is being re-assessed they cannot apply to cancel their current WWC Card.

Using the online WWC Card Validation function will help you confirm employees, volunteers and students’ WWC Cards are valid. Click here to use the online WWC Card validation service.

Page last updated07 January 2021