WWC Card Holder Registration

This service allows employers, volunteer organisations and education providers to advise us when they have new employees, volunteers and students who already have a WWC Card from a previous employer. Keeping this information up to date will help us contact you if the card holder working for you is issued with an Interim Negative Notice or Negative Notice (or of other matters if necessary). You can also record if a person no longer works for you so that we know you do not have obligations under the WWC Act for that person.

Employer / Volunteer Organisation / Education Provider Details

This is the person authorised by your organisation to be advised if an employee, volunteer or student is no longer allowed to engage in child-related work.
For landlines, include area code.

Address Details

Street Address

Address where representative works.

Postal Address

Card Holders

Please select your preferred method of registering card holders:
Manually add card holders
Import card holder details from Excel file

Follow the instructions below to use the spreadsheet to update card holder information:

1. Select to ‘Download Template (xlsx)’. Only information provided in the required format will be accepted.
2. Open the spreadsheet and select the 'Save as' option and save in a relevant location.
3. Enter all the required information to the saved file. Save the changes made.
4. Complete your organisation details above.
5. Select the 'Upload spreadsheet' option below and then select your saved Register Card Holder Form. You will notice the document uploaded to the form.
6. Select 'Submit' button to submit your form.
7. You will receive a message confirming your form has been successfully submitted. (Only excel spread sheets can be uploaded)