Completing the application form

As an employer, volunteer organisation or education provider you are required to complete the relevant information on an applicant’s Application for a WWC Check form when:

For instructions and tips on how to complete a WWC Check application form click here.

Is your employee, volunteer or student having trouble applying for a WWC Check?

Why is the applicant’s receipt important?

The application receipt is proof that your employee, volunteer or student has a pending application and in most cases this allows them to start or continue child-related work. However if a person has a conviction for a Class 1 offence committed when an adult, or has been issued with an Interim Negative Notice or Negative Notice which is current they may not do so.

It is important that you sight the receipt and record the information as part of your record keeping requirements. The receipt is valid for as long as it takes for a final outcome to be made. The person nominated on the form to receive the notices for your organisation will be notified if the applicant is issued with a WWC Card, an Interim Negative Notice, a Negative Notice or if the applicant withdraws their application. 

If your employee, volunteer or student re-applied for a WWC Check using the online renewal form and did not keep a copy of the receipt, they can log into their WWC online account to obtain one.  

You can also check the status of an employee, volunteer or student’s application using their application number in the ‘Check WWC Application Status’ page of the online services on this website. Click here to check the status of an application.

Page last updated28 June 2016