Are you in a flood affected area and need assistance with a WWC Check?

Jan 06, 2023

The WWC Screening Unit partner with Australia Post to offer convenient access to lodge WWC Check applications across a network of over 220 outlets throughout WA.

Australia Post advise that outlets in the Kimberley region have been, or are likely to be, subject to flooding and therefore maybe unable to provide WWC Check services currently. This area includes the traditional lands of the Wilinggin (Ngarinyin) people and the Arawarri Nyawngara, Walinjara Burri, Werangarri Nyuwelngana and Wurlajaru Marrangarna nations.

If you need to lodge a WWC Check application in an affected area please:

  • call and check if your local Post Office is open before attending in person, as there are likely to be disruptions and sudden closures, or
  • use our Online Services to lodge your renewal application or apply for a replacement card.

If you cannot access a Post Office or make an online application, please us on 1800 883 979 or and ask to speak to the Alternate Lodgement Officer.

Our team are on hand to help answer any questions you might have about lodging a WWC Check, and your responsibilities and obligations.

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