The WWC Screening Unit ask volunteer organisations “Have you checked?”

May 15, 2023

To coincide with National Volunteer Week, the Department of Communities, Working with Children (WWC) Screening Unit have launched the “Have you checked?" campaign. 

The campaign is aimed at volunteer organisations, encouraging them to sight, validate and register the WWC Card of any new volunteer in child-related work, who already holds a card.

Sighting, validating and registering the details of a volunteer with the WWC Screening Unit will ensure that volunteer organisations are aware of any changes to their volunteers’ suitability to hold a WWC Card.

As part of the campaign, the WWC Screening Unit have developed resources that volunteer organisations can use to promote the message across their networks via socials, website or at a physical centre. Resources include:

The WWC Screening Unit hold regular online workshops aimed to increase awareness about organisations obligations when managing WWC Checks. To register, visit the WWC Screening Unit Eventbrite page.

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