Campaign overview: Q&As to help keep children’s safety in check

The WWC Screening Unit’s ‘Help keep children’s safety in check’ online education campaign aims to:

  • provide information about who needs a WWC Check in an easy to understand format;
  • promote the processes of applying and renewing a WWC Check to individuals and card holders about; and
  • improve the compliance of organisations engaging in child-related work in Western Australia.

It’s important for individuals and organisations to be familiar with their WWC Check responsibilities as some offences carry penalties of up to $60,000 and possible imprisonment.

The campaign is also a reminder that it’s up to all of us to keep children safe.


The video ‘Do I need a WWC Check?’ provides information about how to determine if you need a WWC Check.

The video ‘How do I apply for a WWC Check?’ provides information about how to apply for a WWC Check.

The video ‘How to renew my WWC Card online’ provides information about how to renew your WWC Card using our online service.

The video ‘Organisation WWC Check responsibilities’ provides information to employers and organisations about their WWC Check responsibilities.

Gumtree adverts promoting the WWC Check. If you're self-employed and engage in child-related work then you must have a WWC Check. We encourage you to show your WWC Card to parents using your service.
advert for WWC Check
Page last updated19 October 2020